Read about the successes of our Densah® Bur Technology

Najeeb Hussain

“I have used Versah burs on and feel it's a great kit to possess for all implantologist in their armamentarium. I have used several kits for sinus elevation and have come across various inventions to make these procedures less complicated and more acceptable for patients in the past 20 years of my clinical practice. I feel Versah burs are the ones we have been waiting for.... Had a great responce from patients for pain free sinus lifts and this innovation really makes sense.... There is a concept behind this invention and gives great results with ease of use for surgeons and greater patients acceptability for patients."

Jamshaid Mansoor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course because there was huge attention to detail in both the academic basis, background and principles of the Versah system. This was followed by and combined well with the clinical applications. It was wonderful to be able to use the system on this course, but equally, I was really pleased to learn huge amounts to theory about the Versah system. The course also provided us with the opportunity to discuss cases and scenarios with the course leader, who was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. I would highly recommend the course to anybody who is considering a conservative and minimally invasive, safe and careful approach to implant dentistry as the Versah bur system certainly has multiple remarkable applications in clinical practice!”

Mark Worthing

“I recently attended the Manchester Versah course with Stavros – superb. I would say that this course is invaluable for anyone wanting to use Versah burs – or indeed anyone using them who has not attended the course. Practical session was excellent, and Stavros made a great job of taking everyone through the academic and research aspect. Money very well spent.”

Alex Wright

“The Versah course helped me understand theoretically and practically the different ways and the concept of Osseodensification. This drill set can be used in my day to day implant work. I particularly liked the way you can internally lift the maxillary sinus using these Versah burs, along with a suitable bio-material like nova-bone.”

Dr Dan Cattell

“Versah burs offer a simple solution that would often otherwise have necessitated a far more complex surgery, or surgeries. These game changing burs are now my go to for osteotomy, ridge expansion and internal sinus elevation.”

Dr Mitesh Badiani

“Fantastic course I have been placing implants for around 20 years and not much excites me anymore, but Densah Burs I feel is revolutionary in many ways and I have been using it with fantastic results”

Dr Martin Attariani

“I have been using the Densah kit for over 10 months and what was more a purchase out of curiosity turned out to be one of the best investments in my career as an Implantologist. The Densah kit is now part of my daily arsenal of tools for placing implants and I wouldn’t work without it. This is an innovative system that allows for bone expansion, increased primary stability and simplified sinus lifts.  With the Densah burs, you have more control over your osteotomies. This is a must-have tool for all Implantologists and I would definitely recommend it. It is a game changer. Do more with less”

Dr Mehdi Abrishami

“Rarely you come across an instrument that is as versatile as Densah drills. With it you can do controlled ridge expansion, condensation of the bone for immediate loading, crestal sinus lift utilising the native bone, or use it as a normal drill to do your Osteotomies. All the techniques were discussed on a brilliantly executed hands on course arranged by Implantium. It is one instrument I cannot be without!”

Stavros Eleftheriou

“I have been using the Versah burs since last year, after the course I took with Ziv Mazor. These burs have changed the way i practice implant dentistry! 70% of my sinus lifts are done using the Versah burs! The results are amazing, the patient morbidity is minimal, and it only takes a few minutes to do. I do use them also on narrow ridges with very good results. I cannot imagine my implant practice without them!”

Sami Stagnell

“In the year or so since I started using the Versah system, I have been able to completely change how I approach patient selection and management. This well thought through concept opens up treatment possibilities in patients I had never considered before and adds a whole new dimension to treatment planning and predictability. Being able to tackle a greater range of cases is confidence inspiring and especially knowing High implant stability is a given. Management of crestal approach to the sinus is straightforward as are other applications such as ridge splits and full arch or immediate load cases. 

With a growing number of clinicians using these world-wide as part of their armamentarium it’s not hard to see that these are an indispensable tool for anyone practicing Implantology in the 21st century”

Dr David Lamb


“I’ve been using the Versah burs for virtually every implant I have placed in the last 12 months. We’ve had fantastic results; great primary stability and have been able to treat far more cases with reduced ridge width than with traditional methods. I would thoroughly recommend attending the course with Jason Buglass. After the course, we have been treating more and more of our patients with the simple sinus augmentation procedures using Versah burs rather than lateral windows. This has led to far greater comfort and reduced trauma for our patients as well as much higher treatment uptake. I believe the Versah kit paid for itself with the first case on which it was used!”

Peter Workman BDS


“A fantastic bit of kit. Well designed and a potential game changer in how to approach narrow ridges and prominent sinuses.”

Paul Starrs BDS

“I am so impressed with the Versah Bur Osseodensification technique that I am, uncharacteristically, moved to write a testimonial. I had a long mandibular case today from 33 – 37; the CT scan revealed that we only had around 5.00mm at site 37, and 4.00mm width from 36 – 33. I placed 4 implants 2 x 5.00mm diameter posteriorly and a 4.00mm at site 34 and a 3.60mm at site 33, all surrounded in bone. Watching the sites expand in width was like sorcery.

I found it hard to believe that these burs were as good as you said, however, am delighted that I took your word for it (reminds me of when you first described the DASK Kit).

Thanks again for putting me on to this.“

Dr Salil Patel BDS, LDSRCS, DPDS


“These Versah drills are fantastic. No going back to my conventional surgical kit. The Versah drills have simplified my bone grafting protocols because of their ability to offer true ridge expansion. Where in the past I may have needed to carry out GBR procedures in borderline cases, expansion alone with the Versah drills have proved to be sufficient. No biomaterials needed!!! Where in the past primary stability may have been an issue, osseodensification using the Versah drills has solved that problem. The drills allow for speedy accurate expansion and superb primary stability. I cannot find a flaw, a must for anyone placing implants.”