Read about the successes of our Densah® Bur Technology

Dr Mitesh Badiani

“Fantastic course I have been placing implants for around 20 years and not much excites me anymore, but Densah Burs I feel is revolutionary in many ways and I have been using it with fantastic results”

Dr Martin Attariani

“I have been using the Densah kit for over 10 months and what was more a purchase out of curiosity turned out to be one of the best investments in my career as an Implantologist. The Densah kit is now part of my daily arsenal of tools for placing implants and I wouldn’t work without it. This is an innovative system that allows for bone expansion, increased primary stability and simplified sinus lifts.  With the Densah burs, you have more control over your osteotomies. This is a must-have tool for all Implantologists and I would definitely recommend it. It is a game changer. Do more with less”

Dr Mehdi Abrishami

“Rarely you come across an instrument that is as versatile as Densah drills. With it you can do controlled ridge expansion, condensation of the bone for immediate loading, crestal sinus lift utilising the native bone, or use it as a normal drill to do your Osteotomies. All the techniques were discussed on a brilliantly executed hands on course arranged by Implantium. It is one instrument I cannot be without!”

Stavros Eleftheriou

“I have been using the Versah burs since last year, after the course I took with Ziv Mazor. These burs have changed the way i practice implant dentistry! 70% of my sinus lifts are done using the Versah burs! The results are amazing, the patient morbidity is minimal, and it only takes a few minutes to do. I do use them also on narrow ridges with very good results. I cannot imagine my implant practice without them!”

Sami Stagnell

“In the year or so since I started using the Versah system, I have been able to completely change how I approach patient selection and management. This well thought through concept opens up treatment possibilities in patients I had never considered before and adds a whole new dimension to treatment planning and predictability. Being able to tackle a greater range of cases is confidence inspiring and especially knowing High implant stability is a given. Management of crestal approach to the sinus is straightforward as are other applications such as ridge splits and full arch or immediate load cases. 

With a growing number of clinicians using these world-wide as part of their armamentarium it’s not hard to see that these are an indispensable tool for anyone practicing Implantology in the 21st century”

Dr David Lamb

“I’ve been using the Versah burs for virtually every implant I have placed in the last 12 months. We’ve had fantastic results; great primary stability and have been able to treat far more cases with reduced ridge width than with traditional methods. I would thoroughly recommend attending the course with Jason Buglass. After the course, we have been treating more and more of our patients with the simple sinus augmentation procedures using Versah burs rather than lateral windows. This has led to far greater comfort and reduced trauma for our patients as well as much higher treatment uptake. I believe the Versah kit paid for itself with the first case on which it was used!”

Peter Workman BDS

“A fantastic bit of kit. Well designed and a potential game changer in how to approach narrow ridges and prominent sinuses.”

Paul Starrs BDS

“I am so impressed with the Versah Bur Osseodensification technique that I am, uncharacteristically, moved to write a testimonial. I had a long mandibular case today from 33 – 37; the CT scan revealed that we only had around 5.00mm at site 37, and 4.00mm width from 36 – 33. I placed 4 implants 2 x 5.00mm diameter posteriorly and a 4.00mm at site 34 and a 3.60mm at site 33, all surrounded in bone. Watching the sites expand in width was like sorcery.

I found it hard to believe that these burs were as good as you said, however, am delighted that I took your word for it (reminds me of when you first described the DASK Kit).

Thanks again for putting me on to this.“

Dr Salil Patel BDS, LDSRCS, DPDS

“These Versah drills are fantastic. No going back to my conventional surgical kit. The Versah drills have simplified my bone grafting protocols because of their ability to offer true ridge expansion. Where in the past I may have needed to carry out GBR procedures in borderline cases, expansion alone with the Versah drills have proved to be sufficient. No biomaterials needed!!! Where in the past primary stability may have been an issue, osseodensification using the Versah drills has solved that problem. The drills allow for speedy accurate expansion and superb primary stability. I cannot find a flaw, a must for anyone placing implants.”

Dr_GelbLawrence Gelb, DDS

“I used the Densah Burs in the placement of an implant into a narrow ridge in the #7 site. They worked like a charm. The procedure was effortless and totally devoid of the stress we all experience when placing an implant into a narrow ridge in the aesthetic zone. And of course bone grafting was not needed as the Densah Burs left me with an osteotomy having dense internal walls and adequate thickness of buccal and palatal bone.“


Emil Verban, Jr. DDS

“I have found the Densah Burs to be better than advertised.  I place three different brands of implants and have replaced the burs I have used in the past with Densah Burs.
From simple to complex cases, these burs have increased my initial stability as measured with the ISQ meter. I have found them to be “priceless” with my immediate placements.
The versatility of these burs allows me to customize each osteotomy based on the type of bone.  I can cut as well as preserve the bone with a simple change in the direction of my hand piece.  After the implementation of the Densah Burs to my protocol, I could never return to my standard drills and highly recommend these to all dentists placing implants.”


Michael Pruett DMD

“We have actually adopted the Densah system for most implant placements in our AEGD/GPR program. We use it for all cases in both mandible and maxilla and not just special cases since we feel that the densah burs are more effective than the regular drills even in a conventional manner, and certainly they allow for more versatility when they are used in the reverse mode for osseodensification.

In our experience we are definitely getting better initial stability and have not had any “spinners” related to oversizing the osteotomy. We have done numerous sinus augmentations (crestal approach technique) with the burs and are getting very predictable results. The haptic feedback of the burs is allowing our residents to build confidence in placing implants in a much quicker time. In ridge expansion cases we have used bone dilators and spreaders prior to using the densah system. With the manual or rotary dilators, operator experience and strength were certainly factors in case success. Now we have leveled the playing field for our residents regardless of their strength and experience in that the densah burs are very effective expanders.”


Steven Reubel DMD, MS

“The Densah Bur system is everything you said it was. I am thrilled with the fact I can save most of the bone in my surgical site with the ability to compress and enhance bone density and in some cases expand out the buccal plate with increased insertion torque necessary for final positioning. I have gotten excellent stability in marginal areas. I no longer use the traditional implant burs, so if you know of anyone needing traditional burs , I’ve got some for cheap.”


Bret Dyer DDS, MS

“We have enjoyed using the Densah burs. I have found that they are excellent for creating ridge expansion and immediate implant placement. This approach keeps the implant in contact with only native bone rather than graft.”


Isaac Tawil DDS, MS

“After researching versah technology I finally gave these burs a try. My first case was a narrow ridge, a perfect indication for versah technology. Since then I’ve made densah burs my drilling choice for all indications. Whether it be for narrow ridges or standard drilling protocol, used in forward or reverse these are hands down the best burs I’ve used. They drill a perfect circle every time and out perform all of my current drilling systems. I was skeptical of osseodensification protocol but after seeing its results I have become a believer. Try them and they will make a believer out of you too.”


David Sarment DDS, MS

“I have used the Densah Burs on probably 10 cases now. Although there is a little learning curve, It does feel natural and I like the idea of not seeing bone coming out any more. In fact, going back to the regular drills becomes too aggressive now. Thank you so much for such an ingenious invention. I am recommending it to everyone I know”


 ​Steven Flinn DDS  Portrait_Mach David Mach DDS, PHD

“We met Dr. Huwais before he brought his implant bur system to market. We were able to see the procedures and results. We anxiously awaited the burs, and were not disappointed. Seldom does new technology create such a shift in procedure and technique, but the Densah burs do. We see no reason to ever go back to using our old surgical burs. Truly a huge improvement to osteotomy preparation and implant placement.”​


Michael Rivera DDS

“My first case was a very atrophic maxillary ridge; I know with experience that by using only conventional osteotomy drills there is a “butterfly” or movement of the bone in an upward or outward fashion resulting in possible bone dehiscence.  Utilizing the Densah burs resulted in placement of the dental implants in solid bone without any buccal bone loss. I realized that the reverse motion resulted in the conservation of the bony ridge and wanted to try in denser lower ridge.  The sites were a previously grafted site and an old extraction site adjacent to the graft.  The grafted site was relatively soft and the Densah burs performed beautifully in this “new” bone all in the condensing or reverse mode.  The adjacent socket was dense type I bone and narrower than the recently grafted site.  I did have to utilize the cutting mode to get to depth and utilized the condensing mode as the osteotomy gained size. Both sites allowed me to place the 4.3 mm implants with desired torque at placement. I have placed about a dozen implants utilizing the Densah burs in various bone situations and I am definitely a convert with this technology.  I’ve shown several colleagues and recommend the utilization in many implant situations and highly recommend its use. Thank you, I know I will be ordering another set of burs in the near future and I’m glad to have found your Densah Burs at the AAID meeting in Orlando.  I go to many dental meetings and once in a while a “new” implant tool appears as a must have; The Densah burs are one of those must haves.”


Mark K. Setter​ DDS, MS

“WOW!!!! These work GREAT!!!!! I have used the Densah Burs on several maxillary narrow ridges and found the results to be exceptional. Great Job on this product. I think you have a real winner.”


Rodrigo Neiva DDS, MS

“Versah Osseodensification Burs eliminate the “guessing game” of implant primary stability. They are easy to use and provide predictable clinical results even in critical situations. New and experienced clinicians can benefit from this simplified and efficient osteotomy preparation protocol.”


Ann Marie Hofbauer DMD

“I have used the VERSAH drills on several narrow ridges and was amazed more to see the buccal bone expand and condense before my very eyes. With conventional expansion the bone thins and is delicate whereas with this system the quality improves. Amazing! In these sites I place the implant at 50ncm then must hand torque them down to fully seat–solid beyond belief. I now routinely use these for all my implant cases and I have also found that post-operatively the patients experience less (actually NO) discomfort. The system is just not as traumatic for all involved! Thank you”