Densah®  Bur Versahtility: Our Innovation Allows You To…


Jamshaid Mansoor

Mark Worthing

Alex Wright

Dr Dan Cattell

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the course because there was huge attention to detail in both the academic basis, background and principles of the Versah system. This was followed by and combined well with the clinical applications. It was wonderful to be able to use the system on this course, but equally, I was really pleased to learn huge amounts to theory about the Versah system. The course also provided us with the opportunity to discuss cases and scenarios with the course leader, who was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. I would highly recommend the course to anybody who is considering a conservative and minimally invasive, safe and careful approach to implant dentistry as the Versah bur system certainly has multiple remarkable applications in clinical practice!”

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“I recently attended the Manchester Versah course with Stavros – superb. I would say that this course is invaluable for anyone wanting to use Versah burs – or indeed anyone using them who has not attended the course. Practical session was excellent, and Stavros made a great job of taking everyone through the academic and research aspect. Money very well spent.”

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“The Versah course helped me understand theoretically and practically the different ways and the concept of Osseodensification. This drill set can be used in my day to day implant work. I particularly liked the way you can internally lift the maxillary sinus using these Versah burs, along with a suitable bio-material like nova-bone.”

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“Versah burs offer a simple solution that would often otherwise have necessitated a far more complex surgery, or surgeries. These game changing burs are now my go to for osteotomy, ridge expansion and internal sinus elevation”

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