Novabone 1 x 0.5 Putty in Syringe

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Novabone 1 x 0.5 Novabone putty in syringe. 0.5cc Putty in a single syringe. NB Putty has bimodal particle distribution of Calcium Phosphosilicate (CPS) (active ingredient) with Polyethylene Glycol as an additive and Glycerin as a binder. The volume of the active ingredient is approximately 70%. The putty format allows easier manipulation due to its format and eliminates the need for any preparation prior to placement. Putty does not set like a cement. CPS has a transient haemostatic effect providing a comfortable environment for the clinician to work with. It encourages clot stabilisation and promotes healing. Putty has good retention and can be adapted to the defect shape. Putty is radio-dense and can be visualised on radiographs. Upon implantation it appears as a mass at the defect site which can be differentiated from surrounding bone by the lack of trabecular pattern. Over time , with bone remodelling, the graft area appears analogous to the natural bone in the region. Putty has a 4 year shelf life, does not need refrigeration but caution should be exercised at temperature higher than 45 degrees C.
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