Guided Surgery System

* Clinician may use the G-Stop as a vertical stop for free hand guided preparation without the C-Guide.

* Clinician may use a G-Stop size that would correspond with implant diameter and Drilling Protocol according to Versah IFU. 

Versah® Guided Surgery Protocol

Guided Surgery System Study

Precision and trueness of computer-assisted implant placement using static surgical guides with open and closed sleeves: An in vitro analysis

An in-vitro analysis of the accuracy of different guided surgery systems –They are not all the same

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Getting Started with the Versah® Guided Surgery System 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Versah C-Guide System different from other guided surgery systems?

1. Its Keyless, the operator does not need to hold a separate key during surgery. The vertical stop attaches to the Densah Bur providing the key function to simplify the operation 
2. The C shaped hole in the C-Guide sleeve allows more optimal irrigation flow to the site. 
3. The Versah G-Stop can be used as a vertical stop to help control vertical depth. 
4. Traditional guided surgery systems rely on the drill press concept with very low tolerances between the drill diameter and the sleeve diameter. This system allows clinicians only one pass in and one pass out when drilling. This method will not work with Osseodensification. For Osseodensification with guided surgery, the clinician should have the appropriate space between the drill diameter and the sleeve diameter. The C-Guide Sleeve is designed to be slightly larger than the G-Stop Key, which allows  freely the pumping action of the Densah Bur. In addition, the buccal opening of the C-Guide sleeve plus the G-Stop key vertical slots allow for adequate irrigation to the site 



What has changed with the new C-Guide System from the previous version?

Some of the changes we are excited to introduce in our new Guided Surgery System:

• A better precise fit between the G-Stop Keys and C-Guide Sleeve
• Autoclavable, reusable metal G-Stop Keys
• Compatibility with most surgical implant handpieces (including W&H WS-75, WI-75)
• Provide operating depth ranging from 3mm up to 15mm when used without the C-Guide Sleeve
• The ability to reach depths from 2mm up to 14 mm when used with the C-Guide Sleeve in a surgical guide
• Color-coded each of the four diameter sizes, for easy differentiation between our S, M, L, and XL C-Guide Sleeves and matching G-Stop Key




How much is the whole kit?
Versah Guided Surgery Kit contains all pieces of Densah Bur Kit with Regular and Short Lengths, Parallel Pins, and Tapered Pilot Drills, all 28 G-Stop Keys (7 drilling depths for each diameter: (S, M, L, XL), 8 G-Stop Vertical Gauges (2 of each diameter: S, M, L, & XL), G-Stop Holder for storage of the Guided Surgery System, and Versah drill extender. The complete system is available for $4540.



Do I need to buy the full kit, or can I buy them individually?

The C-Guide Sleeves, G-Stop Vertical Gauges and G-Stop Keys can be ordered a la carte, just follow our work flowchart above (“Getting Started with Versah C-Guide System”). When purchasing Guided Surgery components for a specific case, we recommend following the implant diameter to ensure the right sizes required are received.

Our Client Satisfaction Team would also be happy to assist you with identifying exactly which sizes would be recommended for a specific case. Our Team is at your disposal at 844-711-5585 or

Each G-Stop Vertical Gauge is sold individually at $18 each (single use), the G-Stop Keys are sold individually at $49 each (reusable), and the G-Stop Holder is $170.



Are there special Densah Burs for Versah Guided Surgery?
No, your existing G3 Tapered Pilot and G3 Densah Burs are compatible with Versah Guided Surgery System. All Densah Burs purchased after January 17, 2019 are part of our Third Generation (G3). G3 Densah Burs will also contain the “G3” designation on the shank of the Densah Bur, next to the lot number.

Can I print my own guide in-house, or use my own lab?

Your Versah C-Guide is compatible with many treatment planning and printing software. Just follow the steps below:
• Setup your software to produce the guide and a hole that matches the Versah C-Guide Sleeve outer-diameter (See “Sizing the Versah C-Guide and G-Stop” above)
• Create a buccal window to match the Versah C-Guide Sleeve opening
• Order the C-Guide and the matching G-Stop from Versah
Additionally, Versah is happy to work with your lab on becoming one of our Versah Certified Labs.




Is the Versah C-Guide compatible with my CEREC Guide?
Yes. Versah G-Stop Vertical Gauges and Keys S, M, and L are compatible with CEREC S, M, and L holes. However, if you would also like to utilize the C-Guide Sleeve the Versah C-Guide S is compatible with CEREC M hole, and Versah C-Guide M is compatible with CEREC L hole.



Using the full C-Guide System do I have to account in my calculation for the 1mm shelf in the bottom of the C-Guide sleeve?

Yes. We recommend using the following formula to calculate the G-Stop drilling depth you will need: Implant Length + 1mm shelf in the C-Guide + Offset = G-Stop Drilling Depth

For example, if you are placing a 10 mm implant, utilizing a guide with an offset of 2 mm, and using a C-Guide, your formula would be 10 + 2 + 1 = 13, so you would select the 13 mm depth G-Stop Key.



How do I calculate the D2 distance with my CEREC system?
Doctors may calculate the D2 distance using a simple formula of desired osteotomy depth plus 7 mm (C-Guide sleeve height). This will allow the CEREC guide to rest at bone level. The G-Stop together with the C-Guide sleeve will control the desired drilling depth for the osteotomy.


Do I need to use a bone level guide?
Yes, to allow for the necessary irrigation to reach the bone, we recommend you use a bone level guide.

* The G-Stop Vertical Gauge, and the C-Guide Sleeve are single use only.